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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fall & Change

This is my favorite season by far. Where I live, leaves change color, the weather gets cooler, and with fall festivals I feel like I am living somewhere totally different than where I reside for the rest of the year. Fall also signals to me the start of the end of a year and other finales.
This year is my senior year, so naturally the ending of my school career is drawing to a close. I am so used to imagining a next year, but I now realize that next year will look totally different. The things I want now won't be the things I want in the future, and all the goals that I want to achieve have a time limit. I imagine a sand timer with only a little bit of sand that is left. I want for things so desperately that I imagined four years ago, but now I understand that many of those things will not come to pass unless I do something about it.
As I mentioned before, I love how the leaves change in the fall, painting the environment in bright oranges and fiery reds. In my own personal way, I am experiencing that change too. I am participating in many firsts, but also many lasts. As I begin to change to start the next phase of my life, I am a little apprehensive. I am not sure how bright I will become or even if I will have success. So far, I am choosing to remain positive and keep my perspective on the future. I am trying to repeat to myself the mantra that change is good, and only time will tell if that statement turns out to be true.


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